Hell Hath No Fury Like A Social Media Advocate Running On Little Sleep

Right now, the Twitterverse and the advertising world is learning that Edward Boches of Mullen didn’t have a good night last night. He stayed at a Marriott, and his room had all sorts of problems.

OK, so maybe it’s not your fault that my hotel room ceiling leaked all night long. Though the fact that there was already a stain in the same corner of the room suggests you should have known about it. But what doesn’t really work for me is the response that I got when I called in the middle of the night. It went something like this:
“We’re sorry, the hotel is totally booked there’s nothing we can do.”
Really? Nothing you can do? How about a real apology? How about an offer of five free nights at any Marriott in the system? How about setting up a bed in a conference room? They’re not full in the middle of the night. Or perhaps it doesn’t really matter to you. After all, you’re full. Business is good. What do you care if you lose one customer or have an occasionally unhappy guest?

Edward goes on to suggest some remedies the Marriott folks can take, which is constructive. I think one of the primary things social media is great for is helping companies improve their customer service.
We’ll see whether Marriott does anything to make Edward happy. But hey, it could be worse–at least there’s no tale of the infamous Night Clerk Mike.

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  1. Temper tantrums don’t interest me.

  2. Agreed. Agency honcho has bad night at hotel that will likely be paid for by agency or client. Boo-hoo.

  3. In fact, Marriott has come through. The manager of the hotel has written a public apology on my blog. It’s long and thorough, though it did reveal the water was “toilet” water, which makes things less than ideal. But he makes it clear that Marriott has to do better, be more proactive, and think of solutions more quickly. He has also granted me 20,000 points. (I have no idea if that’s a big deal or not.) The room, of course, along with breakfast was comped by the hotel. And more interestingly, the manager is now reading my blog, studying up on social media and has become open minded to learning more. Perhaps I’ll become Marriott’s new social media consultant.

  4. Um, Marriott would likely have delivered the exact same restitution if Ed had simply voiced his complaints at the front desk.

  5. @Edward I’m glad to see you admit that you wouldn’t mind becoming Marriott’s “social media consultant.” I’m not as quick to fault a guy who is busy prospecting for new business.
    Of course, rainmaking or no, there’s an overabundance of self-importance in these kind of rants. We all want better customer service, but very few want to hear a person bitch and moan (regardless of the circumstances).