Hear This

Bill Green of Make The Logo Bigger joined Danny G. and me last night on The BeanCast, a weekly marketing and advertising program hosted by Bob Knorpp.
We had a lively discussion around the following five topics:

  • Crispin Porter & Bogusky’s choice to crowdsource a logo and the stink it raised in the design community
  • Team Obama’s failure to sell health care “Reform” to the American public
  • The dismal state of the economy and its impact on the agency business and holding companies, in particular
  • What it means to be a media company today
  • BBDO and Microsoft’s culturally insensitive Photoshop hatchet job

Listen to the show at BeanCast.us or download the episode (No. 68) directly from iTunes. If you’d prefer to work around iTunes, here’s the MP3 file (75.7 Megs).

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