Headline Writing Exercize: Tim’s Cascade Style Wasabi Chips

Editor’s note: Copywriters need to practice. So go ahead and supply some copy for this spec ad in the making.
Headline: Your copy here
Tagline: Your copy here

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  1. here, I’ll get us going…
    Header: Because You Can Never Have Too Much Green Paste In Your Life
    Tag: Tim’s—Just one state away from Idaho

  2. Okay, how about I go again…
    Header: A Totally Legal Headrush
    Tag: Tim’s — Elevated Chip Making Since 1986

  3. and again…
    Header: No Fish Were Harmed In The Making Of This Chip
    Tag: Tim’s — Bringing Fusion To Potato Preparation

    (no tagline)

  5. @copyranter – zing!
    I’ll riff off that…
    Put A Ninja In Your Mouth

  6. Header: It Takes A Crazy Irishman To Make A Cascade-Style Pan-Asian Chip
    Tag: Tim’s — His Chips Speak Your Language

  7. headline:
    (hot chips!)
    No chopsticks needed!

  8. Taste the Heat.

  9. Header: Mix with soy sauce and enjoy with sushi!
    Tag: Enjoy hor’douvers AND your meal…at the same time.
    This is a fun exercise.

  10. Fire, fire on the mountain.
    Crowd sourcing copy, hm, fun.

  11. Head: Play Hari Kari with your Tongue.
    Logo: Tim’s Potato Chips
    Tag: The Good Kind.
    p.s. I like DB’s fish line, most of the rest

  12. Bite me I’m hot!