Have Webisodes Will Travel

The New York Times is curious about Nissan’s latest effort to move Sentras.

Can an affable 30-year-old conceptual artist turned comedian sell cars to his generation by using nontraditional media like blogs and Webisodes?
That is the multimillion-dollar question Nissan North America is asking as an unconventional campaign gets under way to stimulate interest in the 2007 Nissan Sentra among a target audience of youthful urbanites.

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  1. daveednyc says:

    I think it’s a great concept: Wes Anderson meets Napoleon Dynamite. Fun and offbeat without crapping “quirky” all over the place. Beats the pants off the stentorian-voiced TV spots that show the car in some car driver’s idyll. Whether the Sentra lives up to the branding is another matter, but I think this campaign will go a long way in defining what it means to own one. Nice job.