Have No Fear Transparency Is Here

Nick Wreden, author of Fusion Branding, has made several poignant points on his blog. Expounding on Tom Peters’ 1997 “Brand Called You” mantra, he debates the new reality of “The Brand Called We.”
from his post: “Once, companies could define, or ‘position,’ their brand based on their control over media and messages. Today, however, it

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  1. You bring up some great points. I’m an out of work account service person who has considered starting my own blog. It would be a shame if opinions expressed on blogs would ever come back and haunt someone in getting a job. But I think I share your glass half full point of view on this.

  2. Carl LaFong says:

    I wouldn’t despair too much, good sir. If you Google Deutsch or Modernista or CPB, you’ll get hundreds if not thousands of entries. The odds of anyone from those agencies locating your site from such a search are infinitesimal. (Sorry, I’m sure I misspelled that.)
    Besides, we need your refreshing brand of no-BS blogging. Unlike the aptly entitled ADFREAK, there is no artifice or agenda here – just some long-overdue butchering of certain sacred cows.
    Keep up the good work.