Happy New Year George

The context for this contextual advertising dust up, or why this is here.
Hat tip to High Jive.

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  • Ryan

    I think you left out a few uses of the word ‘fuck.’ It’s unfortunate that George forgot to take his medicine yesterday or any other day for that matter.

  • http://tangerinetoad.blogspot.com Tangerine Toad

    That’s brilliant- hat tip to both of you

  • http://www.adscam.typepad.com George Parker

    David, you wanker… You just did that to piss me off. Well, it didn’t work, ‘cos by the time I read it, the bars were open and I had taken my medicine – Up your Ryan! That’s why I like going back to Britain. The bars are now open all fucking day… Luverrrly!

  • http://adpulp.com David Burn

    No, I did it to help you sell books (click the banner). Cheers!