Guest’s Slumming for DIRECTV Hits A Nerve

I love the copy in this new spot from DIRECTV.

Here’s the cable exec’s babble:

Problem: People everywhere are hooking up their new flatscreens to DIRECTV and they are blown away by the picture and all the amazing HD channels.
Solution: We go viral. We get on the net and we blog it out. Ta da! We are up 800% among suburban tweens. Who just saved Q3?

This campaign is directed by satirist Christopher Guest.
Speaking at Berklee College of Music in January, Guest said, “I direct TV commercials so I can afford to make my movies. These are the movies I want to make,” said Guest. “They’re my cut, not the studio’s cut.”

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  • Josh Chambers

    Hey there.
    Thanks for posting this! I wrote a blog about it a few weeks ago and couldn’t find the commercial anywhere. Thanks posting it.

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