Great Work Can Save Your Ass

Adweek is running an article revealing just how many agency folk reached out to help Trumpet, a New Orleans agency displaced by Katrina.

About half of Trumpet Advertising’s staff is operating from space in the Blattner Brunner/SRC offices in Atlanta. Trumpet also received offers of assistance from other agencies. Young & Laramore in Indianapolis offered space; Beber Silverstein in Miami offered financial support; and Mintz & Hoke in Avon, Conn., sent a G5 workstation. GSD&M in Austin, Texas, and The Richards Group in Dallas also offered help.
“It feels damn good to have people care about you,” said Robbie Vitrano, a principal and creative director at Trumpet. “It’s going to be hard to thank them adequately.”
Vitrano said he expects to remain in Atlanta for several months before his staff can return to New Orleans.

While the many offers of help for Trumpet are amazing and generous, I hope we’re also taking care of the less well connected. This is clearly a time when it’s not all about your book.

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