Grand Marnier Takes “The Conversation” Offline

[via Copyranter]

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  1. I think this stuff is cool. Granted, in some ways it smells a little bit like Time Magazine’s Join The Converstaion stuff.
    But I like how it’s not so much about the liquor, but how the liquor incorporates itself into the intelluctual world.

  2. Indiana Gividen says:

    You are right. Another brand selling image and not product. When you get to the site one would think they would offer more straight forward advertising. Like letting the qualities of the product be the center of the ads. But they do not. They keep pumping the image which is probably wise being that there is a multitude of orange flavored liqueur. Not to mention French heritage is not a hot selling point right now.

  3. I work at an agency with a brewery account, which gravitates almost all of the beers in their portfolio to product attributes. In some cases, they are interested in appeasing distributors and retailers by showing the product at the point-of-purchase. In a world of a gazillion beers, it just becomes this communication blob where everyone says the same thing. Not all beers are created equal. But the advertising sure smells that way.