Grab A Partner, Solve A Problem

As agencies struggle to redefine themselves in this newer and leaner economy, new organizational constructs built on collaboration and trust are beginning to emerge.

Fast Company points to one such configuration taking shape in Norway.

While many ad shops have bolted on digital capabilities and called themselves “integrated,” TRY/APT has made the deliberate choice to remain a partnership of two distinct agencies, that work together across platforms.

“The philosophy throughout this company is to be entrepreneurial–TRY entrepreneurs own 51% of APT, APT entrepreneurs own around 30% of TRY and all of these entrepreneurs still work within the business.

Collaboration is supposed to be one of our strengths in this business. Yet competition and ego can get in its way in a hurry. And when they do, questions about who “owns” the account inevitable arise.

Let me ask you, are you consistently collaborating with outside specialists, or still pretending that your agency can fix any problem under the hood?

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