Good Enough Rarely Is

Tenfold Collective in Longmont, Colorado is out with a new self-promo campaign that pokes and prods potential customers in a friendly but serious way.
“As a design firm that works with small businesses and non-profits, we often encounter clients who aren’t happy with their logo, web site, or brochure,” says Josh Emrich, principal in the firm. “But, they feel like it’s good enough for now and postpone investing into their brand. It’s like trying to talk to your target audience with salad in your teeth when you should be looking your best.”
[via The Denver Egotist]

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    It will be interesting to see if their campaign gains traction as their potential client pool will be limitless. With the explosion of stock website templates and logos, small businesses tend to always look near term and simply go with what is cheapest. A year down the line, they ultimately figure out that their website and brand look the exact same as 25 other companies.