Good Exists! Go To Portland, Maine And Experience It

“Portland. Yes. Life’s Good Here.” That’s the new pitch from Portland, Maine.

According to Bangor Daily News, the phrase is derived from an essay by the late-author John Preston, who settled in Portland in 1979 and in one seminal writing answered colleagues who had been asking if he planned to ultimately move back to New York City.

After expressing his affection for his adopted home, Preston concluded his essay with the answer: “No. Life’s good here.”

The slogan “Yes. Life’s good here,” will serve as a foundation for “a complete brand system,” developed over months of collaboration between local stakeholders from groups such as Creative Portland Corporation, Portland’s Downtown District, the Portland Community Chamber and the Greater Portland Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The city’s leaders described the campaign as a Swiss Army knife of phrases that can be tweaked for any business, industry or marketing campaign.

“Portland. Yes. Art’s Good Here.”

“Portland. Yes. Biking’s Good Here.”

“Portland. Yes. Lobster’s Good Here.”

The new municipal campaign should not be confused with the Life Is Good smiling faces, although I suspect some confusion. Life is good, here. The statement needs emphasis on the last syllable.

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