God Gave Us Navels (Not for Gazing)

Once upon a time, when ad blogs were shiny and new people used to take note. Which was fun, because media makers want to know how their product is being received.

Thanks to Say Daily from Say Media, we have a new radar reading.

The site features short write ups on “7 Unconventional Advertising Insiders,” of which AdPulp is one.

The writing is conversational and no bs, which we appreciate, but even more, we value that they heap praise when appropriate, but aren’t too scared to question or criticize work and industry practices. We also love the attention-grabbing headlines, like Say Something Memorable in an Interesting Way or Shut the Hell Up.

We do heap praise when appropriate, because people need praise to keep going, and it’s not always available from clients and bosses (because they’re rushed, or worse, clueless).

Adfreak, Agency Spy, Copyranter, Adrants, Adverblog and Adland are the other six sites listed by Say Daily.

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