Go Out On A Limb. That’s Where the Fruit Is.

Nau is a Portland-based outdoor apparel company born out of a desire to do business differently. Sadly, they ran out of money last May and called it quits. But like a Phoenix rising from ashes, Nau lives again thanks to Santa Barbara-based Horny Toad’s interest in the company.

Our clothing line will still embody the same innovative design philosophy that gained Nau a following from the streets of New York to the Boulder backcountry—a stylish blend of timeless form and technical function, favoring clean lines over clutter and durability over disposability. And, of course, all garment production will still adhere to the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility.
In other words, ‘Beauty, Performance, Sustainability’ will still be our mantra.

According to TreeHugger, Nau will remain in Portland, Oregon, and operate with a small team, initially of ex-Nau employees, growing to a group of about a dozen.

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