Go Bears

Lewis Lazare: Leave it to Hadrian’s Wall, one of Chicago’s brightest boutique agencies, to show the rest of this city’s buttoned- down and straightlaced shops how to have a little fun with the highly anticipated Chicago Bears/Carolina Panthers showdown on Sunday.
Hadrian’s Wall/Chicago partner Kevin Lynch happens to be a rabid Bears fan, and he also just happened to know that David Oakley, co-creative director at Charlotte, N.C. agency BooneOakley was, in fact, equally fervent in his support for the Panthers.
Never one to shy away from anything — least of all a brave bet — Lynch threw down the gauntlet to Oakley: If the Panthers win Sunday’s game, the home page of the Hadrian’s Wall Web site on Monday will inform its visitors that BooneOakley is a much better agency than HW, and direct visitors to the Charlotte shop’s site. The notice will remain on the HW home page for one week.
But if the Bears win, BooneOakley will inform visitors to its site that HW is indeed a superior shop and direct people to the Chicago agency’s site.

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  1. Bah, they all throw like girls.
    Great idea. HW is a very good agency and has a hysterically clever web site.
    You’ll notice, however, neither agency is looking to pick a fight with an agency in Indianapolis.
    Mike Bawden
    Brand Central Station

  2. Indiana Gividen says:

    LOL I think the idea is brilliant. This stunt will most likely bring new clients to BooneOakley and Hadrian’s Wall. Wealthy beer and sports clients 😉

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