Gmail Works Harder. For You.

Is Google about to make email the killer app again? Sarah Perez of Read Write Web thinks so.
Real time updates, something that Gmail users are starting to notice, is why.

Just imagine the possibilities! In the enhanced Netflix emails, for example, you not only view your recent recommendations – you can actually add them to your queue right from within the message itself.
This sort of interactivity is sure to be an email marketer’s dream as it allows for whole new levels of user engagement with the brand. Instead of simply dismissing the email with a click of the “delete” button, recipients might find themselves actually taking the time to read through what were once thought of as “throwaway” messages.
But a little in-email interactivity may only be scratching the surface of what this enhanced content makes possible. What could come next? Perhaps you’ll soon be able to make purchases without ever leaving the confines of your inbox? Wait until Amazon gets on board with that idea – our wallets are sure to take a beating!

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