GM Spot Starts With “Let’s Be Completely Honest.” Are They?

This is a bright, shiny spot from Deutsch talking about the future of GM:

As far as bright, shiny spots go, this is nice, but it’s not going to help matters much. Kicking GM while it’s down is pretty easy these days. So let me pose a different question: Is there any person or ad agency out there that could help them at this point? Because I think their problems–and whatever solutions–lie in the design and engineering phases as well as the actual dealer sales phase. Not the advertising.
UPDATE: David Esrati at the The Next Wave found this for a good contrast:

Lee was on a mission back then, it’s pretty obvious. And he had actual information to back it up, not cliches.

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  1. I agree with you Danny, but I would add that GM should consult with savvy creative folks from outside their beehive throughout the “reinvention” process and beyond.

  2. You’re right Mark. I worded it a little awkwardly. I really want to hear some names–who in our industry would be the right people to help them?

  3. “who in our industry would be the right people to help them?”
    That’s a REALLY good question, but I’m not sure that people from the advertising industry are the ones they need to consult right now.
    The question is, what role does an auto have in a person’s life? And, what’s the best way to fill that role? The answer might include some kind of engine and a safe place to sit but beyond that should probably go back to the drawing board.
    In my opinion, no car company has dramatically improved on the concept of an auto since the 1950’s or so.
    There’s no reason why a car company can’t do for transportation what Apple does for it’s industry: make simple and reliable products that combine usefulness with the “wow” factor.

  4. This ad feels like everything GM has done for years. Looks like the typical rip-o-matic agencies do for client presentations. Lots of Americana fused with brandplates and sheet metal. Change has not come to car advertising.

  5. This copy is lunacy: “This isn’t about going out of business, it’s about getting down to business.”
    For comedic timing, I give it an A. But seriously, when did bankruptcy become a legitimate means of conducting one’s business affairs?
    Carrying debt used to be a stain on one’s character in America, so imagine how not being able to pay one’s debt used to perceived. Apparently, those days are long gone.