Giving Everyone A Seat At The Table (Now There’s An Idea)

Influx Insights: Le Pain Quotidien is Belgian bakery/restaurant chain with around 60 stores worldwide, it has US locations in New York and Los Angeles. Apart from bringing the European bakery tradition to the US, it also places a large emphasis on its communal table. The giant tables are focal points for the stores and are embedded in the brand’s philosophy.
Communal tables are not new, but they have mainly been used in fancy restaurants, rather than cafes. They are also playing a role in the workplace. UK communication agency Michelades and Bednash was one of the pioneers of the trend, where every employee sits around the same table. Fifteen years later, there are now over 20,000 businesses in the UK that have similar benches.
In the workplace, where innovation and ideas are becoming increasingly important, environments that encourage collaboration and idea generation are going to be needed. The bench or table trend has yet to hit the US workplace, but it is surely just a matter of time.

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