When You Give The Gift of Lottery Tickets, You’ve Already Won

Lottery ads typically employ humor, when they’re well made that is.

David&Goliath chose to go another way with this new holiday themed ad for the California Lottery.

There’s no lady jumping out of a cake with an oversized check here. Instead, the work strives to remind people that small gestures, like giving scratch tickets can make someone else’s holiday a bit more joyous.

When a spot makes you wait for the storyline to develop and play out, it has to pay off handsomely and thankfully this one does. Due to the powerful close, I think the spot delivers even for those not interested in playing the lottery. The point is, you can consider it for others, especially at this time of year.

In addition to TV and print, the agency developed a special golden envelope to encourage gifting. When California Lottery customers buy any lottery tickets now through December 22nd, the tickets come with a special golden envelope, making it easy for everyone to get in on the Secret Santa action.

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