Give Advertisers Some Backtalk

Last Monday, I tipped back a couple beers with Daniel Honigman, co-founder of AdYapper, a new venture in the consumer ad space.

The site is beginning to emerge from stealth mode and move into beta at this time. Honigman isn’t looking for coverage here just yet (he spoke to me off the record). But he does value feedback from me and the AdPulp community. So, if you’re interested in Yapping some ads, visit and enter your email. Honigman will then personally enable your account and welcome your questions and opinions.

By the way, AdYapper is part of the Wieden+Kennedy-supported Portland Incubator Experiment (PIE). And Honigman is a smart guy with a plan. I see him going far with this and his other endeavors. He also helped me see some things more clearly. For instance, he said it’s not just about creating content anymore, now you have to give readers a platform.

That’s a pretty interesting POV when you think about it. The platform is where the action and the money is. Look at Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, WordPress, Posterous and all the other platform providers. They enable content to be shared, but they themselves do not create it.

For more on AdYapper, see their blog.

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  1. Thanks for the (digital) ink, David. We’re now taking Beta users over on our site, even though we’re not opening it to the public just yet. Love any feedback your readers can provide!