Get Off of My Cloud, Klout

It’s Thanksgiving morning and I’m grateful for so many things. But not this, I’m not grateful to be “losing influence” on Twitter.
Check out this email I found waiting for me this morning from Klout, a firm that purports to weigh one’s influence on the social Web.

Dear davidburn,
Did you know you are losing influence with some of your friends on Twitter?
After analyzing your network we believe you should make an effort to @message, retweet and increase engagement with:
* mikearauz
* deidre
* cookingupastory
These people have found you interesting in the past but for some reason are paying less attention to you. View the full list of friends you are losing influence with here.

The guys at Klout may be well intentioned, but their messaging is way, way off the mark. Klout assumes that I care deeply about being influential, and that I will be motivated by fear to fix what’s wrong. I know it’s Thanksgiving, but what the fuck?
I need to change by behavior on Twitter to “increase engagement.” Excuse me?
Furthermore, my summary page reveals a “K Score” of 43. Where I come from 43 is failing. So, I’m failing at Twitter? That’s the message Klout is sending.

About David Burn

I wrote my first ad for a political candidate when I was 17 years old. She won her race and I felt the seductive power of advertising for the first time. Today, I'm the founder and creative director at Bonehook in Portland, Oregon. We bring integrated marketing solutions to our clients in healthcare, human services, real estate, fashion, outdoor recreation, and food and beverage.


  1. 37 here. And their summary statement says the same thing mine does:
    “davidburn is effectively using social media to influence their network across a variety of topics.”

  2. (I hit post too quick.)
    So which is it. We’re using SM effectively or not.