“Get Off Of My Cloud” Turned On Its Head

John Battelle, CEO of Battelle Media, a company that sells advertising for a group of high profile blogs, is now venturing into experiential marketing.
According to Ad Age, Battelle organized what he’s calling CrowdFire at this weekend’s Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco.
CrowdFire is an attempt to bring a mash-up of the thousands of camera-phone pictures, hand-held digital-video recordings, blog posts and “tweets” generated at the event. He said the idea is to create a type of organized framework — a “database of experiences” — combining varied media generated at live shows.
“We want to get a cloud of media to become something fungible that people can see and work with to create new things,” Battelle said. “I want the performance to go from one-to-many to many-to-many.”
Microsoft and Intel are underwriting the endeavor. Microsoft will be promoting Windows Live products, including Live Messenger, Live Earth and Live Spaces, as well as its Zune and Xbox products.

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