Get Me A Bucket

The world is going nuts for online video. How long this trend will last is hard to say, but it’s in full bloom today. The proof is everywhere.
Tonight during the American Idol finale the plot thickens with a new 15-second KFC spot from Draft/FCB made entirely of consumer generated content. From the press release:

Whether celebrating a last-minute birthday getaway, a favorite team’s victory or a granddaughter’s joy, the stars and amateur videographers of KFC’s “Celebration” commercial were all shocked to hear about their upcoming prime-time appearance.

In other words, the people appearing in the commerical didn’t try out for the spot. Their videos were simply noticed online by Draft/FCB’s creative team.
The press release also says KFC is “reinventing the commercial production process.” I’m sure all the directors, actors, production companies, caterers, and post facilities Draft/FCB works with are thrilled.

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  1. theo kie says:

    All this bluster for fifteen seconds of video that looks like any one of a thousand vignette commercials? If this is “reinventing the commercial production process”, then it’s doing so in a way that nobody will care about except the people who made the videos. Do you really think this is going to go “viral” to a huge number of people? Why would they care?