Get Rid of Cable

Don’t wake up in a roadside ditch.

Don’t have a grandson with a dog collar.

Stop taking in stray animals.

These news Directv spots sure have a lot of directives for us to follow. But it’s this directive the company hopes will come through loud and clear: Get rid of cable.

I like this campaign a lot, probably because it’s a campaign that relies on narrative to sell. And in a clever ways it does sell by painting cable subscribers as lackards and doofuses.

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  • Hal Thomas

    I’m with you, David. I saw two of these spots on TV yesterday and they made me chuckle. The eye patch is my favorite of the three.

  • Memelaid

    Don’t wake up in a roadside ditch is HILARIOUS!! The entire concept is marketing genius!

  • Scott Diefenbach

    “When people think you’re tough, they just wanna see how tough” hahaa. Great campaign.

  • Anonymous

    Get Rid of Cable – but is Dish that much better? NO.
    Indoor Antenna + Video Streamer + Hulu + Netflix = HUGE $avings