George Parker Gets Quotable On DraftFCB

Our friend George Parker has been quite vociferous in his criticism of DraftFCB. And while an unnamed “search consultant” offers a few anonymous quotes, Parker is the go-to man in an AdAge article about the shop:

Pointing to odd decisions DraftFCB has made — such as a somewhat tawdry self-promotional ad that showed two Cannes lions humping — George Parker, who writes the AdScam blog, said the agency brings the criticism on itself. “These self-promotional videos they put out just toot their own horn talking about how this was the agency of the future and this is the way advertising is going. And if you look two years down the road, it didn’t happen,” said Mr. Parker. “If I was going to give them one piece of advice, it would be: Shut the fuck up for a year until you have something really conclusive and provable to shout about. And then, a year later, come back and say, ‘See, we made it work.’ Or the odds are that they wouldn’t. Draft justifies about 80% of the criticism they receive because they have gone out of their way to stick their neck out and make dumb statements and claims and then within weeks or months they have been proved wrong.”

Cheers, George. That’s a good ‘un.

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  1. I found this bit from the article kind of interesting:

    Mr. Draft, who is singled out for personal criticism by the likes of Mr. Parker, said bloggers don’t keep him up at night.

    No one should lose sleep over what the press says about them. Yet, having a plethora of negative articles pop up in The Google is bad for business. Mr. Draft surely knows that, so maybe he doesn’t lose sleep, but it’s likely he grinds his teeth.

  2. Danny G…
    Thanks for that. As to David’s comment. I agree that Captains of Industry shouldn’t lose sleep over a boggers posts. What should concern them are the dozens of comments from past and present employees of Draft/FCB agreeing with the bloggers observation that Draft/FCB is one mightily fucked up company. As I suggested in the AdAge column, until you can deliver actual proof that you have, in fact, created the “Agency of the Future” you would be well advised to shut the fuck up.