Generosity In Greenville

Brains On Fire, a Greenville, South Carolina identity firm is offering office space to ad peeps displaced by Katrina.

Dear All,
We have been watching, as I am sure everyone has, the complete devastation along he Gulf. And wondering what to do. This morning I had a thought.
Brains on Fire occupies a space in Greenville, South Carolina that is about 11,000 square feet. We have some extra space toward the back of our first floor that we are planning to use for future growth. There are about 10-12 office spaces in total, complete with a furniture system. I was planning on short term subleasing the space, but I would be happy to donate it to a design/creative firm that has been displaced. We would, of course, consider any business in need, but my thinking is someone might benefit from our resources and vendor connections.
We have two T1 lines (one for data and one for voice) and could probably add on some extra phone lines if needed. We might even be able to find some extra laptops among us. With the help of realtor groups in town, we could also try to find some temporary housing solutions.
If anyone out there knows anyone in the Gulf area that may need this offer, please pass on our name and contact information. And if there are any associations that might know of ways to reach firms in need, again, please feel free to forward this information.
I am sure right now it is all about safety and basic needs, but very shortly – I hope – it will turn to “how can we get back to work.”
Robbin Phillips
Brains on Fire

According to Orange Yeti, Greenville also has a new tea bar where one can enjoy a Bubble Tea.

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  1. Though I never got to New Orleans, but I feel there is not a city with a better Brand in the country (or in the world.)
    It has a rich heritage. It’s own music and it’s own food.
    Despite this tragedy I feel that it won’t loose a much of it’s cachet after rebuilding.
    A good brand endures.

  2. Thanks David, for helping us get the word out.

  3. My pleasure, Spike. It’s a great offer and very kind of your organization to put it out there.