Gearheads Take On VW Ads

Over at The Truth About Cars (one of my favorite non-advertising blogs), CP&B’s Volkwagen “Sign Then Drive” ad, among others for VW, is put under the microscope:

Neither of these commercials tells me anything about VW cars or why I would want one. The humor is crass, insulting, and juvenile. Along with VW’s recent spate of commercials that show VW drivers constantly getting into accidents, VW seems to have an extremely low opinion of its buyers. Then again, given VW’s poor reliability, high cost of maintenance and repair, and high price points, maybe VW knows exactly what it’s doing.

The comments are also insightful, and run the gamut from positive to negative. It’s always intereresting to get another view of advertising, especially when auto buffs critique car advertising. And it’s also a reminder that not even Crispin could save Volkwagen if its cars are poorly made, as some have suggested.
As for me, I put this in the same category as Spirit Airlines’ Threesome Sale from earlier today. If you’re going to resort to contrived “sales events” at least you should have some fun with them.

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  1. Here’s an example of the online ad from VW’s “Sign Then Drive” campaign —
    PS – If you’re a VW fan, we’ve archived a bunch of their online ads here —

  2. Danny: Exactly- this is a perfect example of The Real Digital Revolution in action. The VW spots are funny and charming, but as the car guys point out, the cars themselves… not so charming.
    I may post on this myself. (Will credit you, as always)

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  4. unvmyvw says:

    I do not agree with the quoted comments under the video; any European car is going to cost you an arm and a leg to fix. Also, being a VW owner for over 25 years, the only other manufacturer I would consider would be Japanese. I have never had enough of an issue to leave VW, however.