Gawker Poaches Another One

Ben Popken, of The Spunker has a new gig—editor of Gawker Media’s The Consumerist.
Joel Johnson will be moving up to Executive Editor of the site.

Hit me up at ben [the darn at sign] with your consumer kvetching, hot ads and dishy industry dirt.

You may recall Ben was recently looking at becoming a copywriter. I think he made a wise turn. I mean, why be told what to write by uncaring clients, when Nick Denton is empowering you to write what you want? And for a huge audience, I might add.
Congratulations, Ben. And good luck.

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  1. Ouch!

    David Burn, over at Adpulp, has blogged about Gawker Media’s latest blog poaching. Ben Popken has been named editor of The Consumerist blog.
    Cool, I guess. I don’t know Mr. Popken nor do I (regularly) read any of the GM blogs. So why do I care abou…