Gamecock Yes. Fighting No.

From Charleston Post & Courier:

A state senator says the University of South Carolina needs to rethink its Fighting Gamecock mascot if the Legislature passes tougher penalties on cockfighting.
If the bill passes, “how can we as lawmakers and other leaders of this state justify a major institution in our state running ads and logos on billboards with a fighting gamecock with spurs on the feet?” asked Sen. Darrell Jackson, D-Hopkins.
Jackson said he doesn’t want to get rid of the mascot, but just thinks the spurs should be taken off the gamecock’s feet.
“God knows in this meeting I’m not suggesting we change it to the Fighting Peacock or something,” said Jackson, who graduated from Benedict College.
USC traces its gamecock history to Revolutionary War leader Thomas Sumter, whose fearlessness led the British to call him “South Carolina Game Cock.”

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  1. i demand they change the logo to an image demeaning to native americans. besides, is anyone really comfortable referring to themselves as gamecocks?

  2. What amazes me is that this is even a subect of discussion. SC’s education is the worst in the nation, we have various cultural problems and the legislature is so very concerned with cock fighting and the USC logo instead. Wow.

  3. Honestly, who cares what Sen Jackson has to say on any subject. To spend his time on such a meanless piece of legislation is really sad