Fun With Bob Garfield: “Che Guevara in a Jar”

Ad Age critic Bob Garfield says if you like the above commercial you may be a douche bag.

Was this conceived during ‘shroom day at McGarryBowen?
See, in non-psychedelic reality, Miracle Whip is not a badge of defiance but rather the quintessence of middle-American déclassé, the turquoise pants suit of condiments. To assert the opposite is just a slap at our collective intellects, our collective honor, our collective non-douche-baggery.
If this succeeds, ladies and gentlemen, we do indeed surrender. If Miracle Whip is cool, the terrorists win.

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  1. Not miraculous says:

    McGarry Bowen brags about the personal attention they give clients, and in that case that personal attention was definately focused below the waist.
    Miracle Whip would only seem exotic or rebellious to someone who had only eaten bread and water their entire lives.