Frustrated Flyers Take Note

Mahogany interiors, five-course meals and personal butler service will be available on several Amtrak routes starting this fall, as the national passenger railroad embarks on a new partnership with GrandLuxe Rail Journeys.
The companies have teamed up to attach seven special GrandLuxe cars to regularly scheduled Amtrak trains.
For Amtrak, the partnership will be a moneymaker, company spokesman Cliff Black said. He declined to say exactly how much privately held GrandLuxe is paying the government-owned corporation.
“We like the opportunity to experiment with creative marketing approaches,” Black said. “Anything that elevates the profile of passenger-train service is beneficial to Amtrak.”
[via USA Today]

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  1. Awesome. So now when you are delayed and sitting on a track somewhere in the middle of nowhere, waiting for a freight train to pass so your train can resume its journey, you will at least have a nice interior to sit in while you complain to your butler about the trip’s delay.
    A Miami to Orlando trip recently cost a relative about 12 hours. It’s a 3.5 hour trip by car. An Orlando to DC journey by other relatives was proportionally disastrous.
    Nothing short of a crazy Transportation Secretary with a life-long love for trains is going to turn around passenger rail service in this country. Oh, and a few gazillion dollars to repair the existing tracks and get enough more built to make train travel a viable alternative to fliying.
    Amtrak sucks balls.

  2. c’mon, Jetpack,you mean sprinkling in some green chatter about the environment and music with hints of romanticism isn’t going to change the fact that going from Indy to Chicago can also take 12 hours.
    “I’ve been saving all my money just to take you there
    I smell the garden in your hair”
    isn’t going to make it.
    Why in the heck do we need a airport in Indy when a highspeed rail could service Cincy and Chicago aiports much better. Exactly because of what you said. The service in the train could be wonderful. The infrastructure stinks.
    Redesign from the ground up needed.