Fringe Elements, Lovable And Otherwise

John Winsor, CEO of crowd sourcing agency Victor & Spoils, loves advertising.

It’s true: I love this industry of ours. Sure, it’s full of big egos, petty jealousy, calcified old-schoolers, young misfits, angry despots, fervent critics, misguided bomb throwers, and many other fringe elements. But that’s what makes it great. People are trying to protect business models, others are trying to launch new ones, and clients are looking for help understanding the rapidly changing environment. The culture is changing so damn fast.

Winsor then lists a bunch of his cronies and thanks them for hanging out at SouthBy and for being “the future of advertising.” He says Colleen DeCourcey, Faris Yakob and crew are “creative, bold, honest, collaborative and passionate. They understand the old and welcome the new.”

Back to Winsor’s fringe elements for a minute. Do you see yourself in his list? Come on, someone please admit to being a misguided bomb thrower.

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  1. Faris Yakob is a smug clown who epitomizes what’s wrong with our business.

    • I met Yakob at MIT a few years ago. He seemed nice enough to me. Of course, he had good things to say about AdPulp, which didn’t hurt 😉