Friends Don’t Let Friends Go Long Without eMail

What can AdPulp provide in an email that you don’t get on the site, or elsewhere in the vast reaches of the Interwebs?
I’ve been asking myself that question ever since Friend of AdPulp, Tom Asacker, grabbed me by the virtual lapels and told me to start an email newsletter at once (many mooons ago, I might add).
The easy answer to the content question is exclusive material, packaged especially for you, our closest friends. The plan is to gather some thoughts that do not appear here on the site and send them your way in an email, probably once a month, maybe twice.
It goes without saying that we will not sell your name, or treat your inbox unkindly and that escape from our semi-evil clutches is possible in a click. Having said that, we’d love to have you join the list. Please enter your name and address, so you’re all set to receive the first edition in November.

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