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bed_jump_dot_com.jpg is an odd little blog. It’s creator, a Canadian named Chris, also has several other hotel blogs looking closely at hotel bathrooms, pools, etc.

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  1. Hi David,
    Couldn’t agree more that BedJump is an odd project…to say the least! I’m amazed at the huge traffic & press we are getting for this site, and even more amazed that I get so many fan-submitted images almost daily.
    Who’d have thought this could happen…for a blog I made to entertain myself and my hotelier friends! The images certainly speak for themselves – you just can’t write material that good 😉
    Thanks for the plug,

  2. Chris,
    Looks like fun.
    People sometimes make fun of me if they see me leaving a hotel room and I straighten up a bit. Okay, maybe it’s OCD, but actually I was a maid servant at an interconti. Wow, I saw those sparkling baths on your blog, and did all that come rushing back to me: cleaning all the hair out of the tubs and the crap on the counter.
    Do you leave tips for the maid?

  3. I sure do leave a tip for housekeeping! I would anyway, but my partner is a Director of Housekeeping at a luxury hotel so she makes me 😉
    No-one works harder than housekeeping!