Frenchman Unimpressed

Fast Company is giving Apple’s competitors a chance to talk about the iPod.

Henri Crohas
Founder and CEO, Archos
Paris, France
I do not share the opinion that Apple’s design for the iPod is any good. That’s because I define great design in terms of fantastic machinery. And if you look inside the iPod’s technology, it’s quite common and unimpressive. It isn’t anything special. What Apple has done well isn’t the iPod, but iTunes. It has been the first to pull together all of these music editors and convince them that they have to open a big store online. But there’s a second phase coming. Like the cell phone, the technology to integrate photos and videos is now available. Microsoft has been working on this for years. Its Windows Media Center is well advanced and does everything iTunes does, plus more.

Thanks to Meta Filter for the pointer.

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