Free Agent Multi-Nation

There’s a new agency in town. Correction. There’s a new agency in the cloud.
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Cloud Advertising Agents has no silos, no departments and no cubicles. But it has backing! Peter Coish, formerly of president of Draft/Toronto and Wunderman, is leading the venture, and The Hive is an equity partner.
Cloud will operate independently from The Hive with separate office locations. However, as part of the equity partner relationship between the two companies, it will also function as The Hive’s digital arm, providing interactive, online services to Hive clients such as Brown-Forman, Cadbury, Reebok and Rogers Communications.
Underscoring Cloud’s belief in a flexible, un-tethered business style, its first physical location houses the Cloud Free Agent Espresso Bar, which offers a virtual meeting spot, a space for staff and clients to meet, video conference, create and collaborate.

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