Freakin’ AdFreak

Okay, I can retire now. You too Steve Hall.
Mainstream media has just entered the advertising blog space. Adweek has wisely decided to not let us “amateurs” have all the fun. Now they have their own blog. Interestingly, the tone of this new blog matches the zany name and whimsical logo (quite a departure for this trade journal). I bet the contributing writers are going to relish this gloves off approach. Although, I imagine it will be hard for them to go back-and-forth between blogging and the journalism of old. I guess we shall see.

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  1. Only problem is it doesn’t work today. The domain times out.

  2. You can’t post a message or a response to anything on the site, you have to e-mail the site owners and THEN, if they’re interested, they post. So it isn’t a true blog.

  3. Lots of blogs require one to register before commenting, usually to fend off comment spam. Some others chose to review comments before allowing them on their media property. They’re still “real” blogs, they’re just afraid. Given that AdFreak belongs to a mainstream media company, it’s understandable why they want to review comments first. I’m not saying I like it, just that it makes sense for them.

  4. Carl LaFong says:

    It would appear that I have the dubious distinction of having the first post to appear on ADWEEK’s blog. I was kind of taken aback by having to e-mail my comment rather than having to post it directly. On the other hand, considering how critical I was of their publication, I’d say they showed a fairly good sized size of wontons in posting it at all.