Frank, Frank, Get My Jean Bin

“When it’s on your mind, it’s on eBay.” That’s the new play from Venables Bell & Partners. It has the makings of a classic line, even though I can’t help but think that world peace, saving the whales and landing a new client are not, in fact, on eBay.

The San Francisco agency unleashed six 30-second spots for its new client tonight on Top Gear, SportsCenter, Tosh.0, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Top Chef and The Rachel Zoe Project. Here’s a look at three:

“When the company that revolutionized how people shop asks you to do something big and new, you get excited,” said Paul Venables, founder and executive creative director at Venables Bell & Partners. “For this campaign, we tapped into the psyche of passionate shoppers and then demonstrated why eBay is the answer.”

By the way, mobile sales on eBay are expected to exceed $4 billion by the end of 2011, and eBay’s suite of mobile applications have been downloaded nearly 50 million times, with one purchase made every second through mobile. A pair of shoes is sold on eBay every nine seconds and 2,000 cars are sold every week on eBay’s core iPhone apps.

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  1. Those mobile numbers are pretty astounding to think about.