Ford’s Takes Credit For Helping To Create Black Middle Class

High Jive is exploring Black History Month ads, which he says are “a pain-in-the-ass to produce, given the politcally correct nature of it all.”
Here’s one sample from 2005.
The ad reads, in part:

In 1913, One Ad Changed The Face Of America’s Middle Class.
Henry Ford recognized the value of a skilled workforce—regardless of race. And when Ford Motor Company became the first major corporation to pay African American workers equal pay for equal work, it helped give birth to the Black middle class.

According to Hugh Jive, the Black middle class eventually returned the favor by loyally purchasing competitors’ cars.

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  1. Wow, that’s a bold move if I’ve ever seen one.

  2. Ford hired black workers in order to keep the factory running when he fired union organizers. If anyone should get the credit for creating the black and white middle class, it should be the unions.

  3. That’s like the Chevron ads that claim that consumers need to be more energy efficient ( while they’re raking in record profits on oil sales.