Ford’s Bold Move: Mini Documentaries

According to ClickZ, Ford Motor Company is making bold moves with the help of agency of record, JWT.

In a bid to revive the Ford brand amid sinking sales figures, Ford Motor Company is leaving behind “Built for the Road Ahead” and adopting “Bold Moves” as its new brand platform.
Online, the company is re-launching its flagship to reflect the change, and it will debut an online documentary series this summer. Initial spend is reportedly in the $50 million range.
“Bold Moves” messaging will replace all existing taglines for individual Ford nameplates in all advertising and marketing, though the company will keep “Built Ford Tough” for its trucks.

The online video documentary series will depict life behind the scenes at Ford. Starting this summer, viewers will be able to see new two-to three-minute videos weekly. Who will care to spend time with these videos and pass them around, I don’t know. It depends on how bold they are. Whatever happens, I do honor the move towards trasparency inherent in the idea.

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  1. Anyone else tired of brands switching their slogans all the time? In the grand scheme of things is changing the slogan realistically going to have a positive impact on their market?