For Firms With Money, Now Is A Good Time To Buy

According to The Wall Street Journal, Boston-based digital giant, Sapient, has been shopping for a traditional ad agency for months. They found one in Nitro Group, a 300-person agency with offices in New York, London, and other international ports of call.
Here’s how the paper frames the story:

The recession is forcing digital agencies to bulk up on traditional skills as marketers increasingly look to consolidate their accounts to save on costs.”

Then from Nitro’s side there’s this:

“If we want to be a major player, we need scale and digital,” said Chris Clarke, Nitro’s chief executive officer. “It was taking too long to build it organically.”

I know what Clarke means, but there are no short cuts to the top.
Let’s take a look at a recent spot from Nitro for ConAgra’s Healthy Choice brand, to see more closely what Sapient is acquiring:

Your thoughts?

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  1. “There is no more terrible sight than ignorance in action.” — Johann Wolfgang Goethe

  2. jason jones says:

    That ad is unhealthy…in fact it’s atrocious! The acting is so wooden. The story goes nowhere. How the hell Nitro ‘sold’ it to ConAgro is beyond me….. but the again nothing surprises me when it comes to that slippery snake Clarke