For An Exercise In Futility, Press 1

Today’s Common Sense Response To Corporate Stupidity (which results in the unsatisfying acronym CSRTCS, but I digress) is brought to you by the people who created this. A comprehensive list of codes to get around the “customer service” phone trees that permeate the increasingly annoying consumer landscape we all find ourselves in. It’s also a perfect example of what every company should expect any time the gulf between what they promise (insert customer service cliché here) and what they actually deliver gets this wide. And while I’m sure much of this list is already out of date and that the latest phone systems at most companies randomly change to thwart any attempts at finding a touch-tone shortcut to an actual human being, you gotta love the fact that someone took the time to compile this list and post it. It’s like the consumer version of a raised middle finger à la the mouse on those classic Last Great Act Of Defiance t-shirts from the 70s. Awesome.

About Wade Sturdivant

Creative Director/Copywriter at The Richards Group, Wade spent his formative years in Chicago (DDB, Leo Burnett) and has worked on accounts as diverse as BMW, Firestone, Bud Light, McDonald’s, Kellogg’s and the U.S. Army.


  1. I cannot tell you how much I hate computerized voice systems. With Rogers in Canada, the only way to get anybody resembling a human being in anything resembling a reasonable amount of time is by pretending that you want to close your account.