Flickr Is On Target Again

c|net: Yahoo has teamed up with Target to offer image printing to members of its online photo-sharing service, Flickr.
The new printing service, which Yahoo launched on Wednesday, will allow Flickr users in the United States to order prints online and pick them up at Target stores nationwide or have them home-delivered. The company notified Flickr members of the service on its blog.
In addition to prints from Target, Flickr members will be able to order mugs, T-shirts, stamps, photo books and other items with their photos printed on them through official partnerships with online specialty printers Zazzle, Qoop and Englaze.
Flickr, which Yahoo acquired in March, is among the most popular photo-sharing services on the Web. The tool allows people to upload digital photos from computers and camera phones, assemble photo albums, and post photos to blogs.
Several photo-sharing sites are adding printing services through partnerships with big national photo labs. One is Snapfish, which recently teamed up with Walgreens.

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