First, Get A First Life

“The brands that are adopted, blogged about, and parodied the most are the ones that are going to win because they’re involved in the evolution of pop culture.” –Jeff Hicks

If we are to believe Crispin’s CEO, Second Life is in the winner’s circle.

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  1. No, the brands that are going to “win” are those that grow based on sales. Pop culture lasts all of fifteen seconds in this world of ours, much less fifteen minutes (just ask the studio bosses who watched the online bluster of “Snakes On A Plane” turn into paltry ticket sales).
    Generate all the talk all you want. If sales don’t increase, it doesn’t mean a thing. When are we going to admit we’re in the business of selling stuff – not becoming the “most liked” of the moment? It’s high school thinking.
    Crispin’s “Man Laws” was recently killed due to weak sales. And the departure of the “change agent” who brought them to VW (due to weak sales, again) are decent evidence of this.
    When is this, “No, really, talk isn’t cheap” clap-trap going to stop? Not one, single brand manager won’t punt this “I’m cool, aren’t I?” philosophy the minute sales don’t rise.
    You want to become the momentary kind/queen of pop culture? Fine. But one-hit wonders are a dime a dozen. Do some amazing creative that drives sales, then we’ll talk.

  2. Now, we’re talking.
    Lookout below there’s fire in Theo’s belly.