First Dunkin’ Donuts, Now Folgers

An iconic coffee brand is messing with their formula, according to the New York Times.

Traditional coffee, the kind that is usually scooped out of bulky metal containers with black plastic tablespoons, is not known for pleasing coffee snobs.
Folgers is hoping to get its own customers to try a premium blend of coffee. But one of those traditional coffee brands is tiptoeing into the upscale shelf space this week, aiming to attract a more mainstream consumer. Folgers is introducing a line of premium coffee with flavors like espresso roast and caramel drizzle, dressed up in shiny bags with swirly typefaces.

Something about this seems off to me. It’s as if Pabst Blue Ribbon all of a sudden offered a line extension in a green bottle.

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  1. for years, folger’s has hyped itself with the tagline, “the best part of waking up.” now they admit there’s something better.

  2. Wait such feelings of grandiose in an ordinary coffee?
    A non traditional traditionalist?
    I suggest administering a pyschological test instrument to this coffee, something like a Multiphase Personality Inventory to see what’s really up. Follow that up with months of therapy.

  3. If this helps to elevate coffee standards, I’m all for it. And, if PBR came out with a “World Select,” I’d probably give it a whirl just for the hilarity–like Snakes on a Plane.

  4. A good day’s work in any field raises the standard whenever the human race puts the grind to the Millstone or was that the nose to the grindstone?

  5. check this out,very cool.