Omnicom is forming a new consultancy to help marketers reach women. The new unit is named G23 — G as in Group, 23 as in the pair of chromosomes that carries the sex differences between women and men.
The power of women in the marketplace is undisputed. Surveys indicate that female consumers in the United States buy or influence the buying of more than 75 percent of all goods.
“Targeting women is something that is at the core” of the industry, said John D. Wren, president and chief executive at Omnicom, but at the same time “the need has always existed to do it in a fashion that adds value.”

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  1. The women at G23, no doubt, will be paid significantly less than their male counterparts.

  2. Oh, no doubt, because the all-knowing HighJive said it would be thus. En HighJivius Veritas!

  3. “The need has always existed to do it in a fashion that adds value”
    Fantastic – he’s now described the goal of communications through advertising…nothing specific on catering to women.
    Everyone needs value in advertising, otherwise it’s just white noise. Great line err.