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Business 2.0 spoke to Dick Costolo, CEO of FeedBurner. According to the article, FeedBurner manages more than 300,000 feeds from the humblest bloggers to the mightiest publishers: Gannett, Hearst, Reuters.

When FeedBurner launched in February 2004, it was instantly popular with bloggers. But commercial publishers were wary, if not outright dismissive.
“They’d say, ‘I only care about feeds in that they drive traffic back to my site,'” Costolo reports. So he reminded the publishers of what happened when the Web boom began. “They tried to use their sites to drive subscriptions to their print products,” Costolo says. “I said, ‘How’d that work out for you? The new medium never drives dollars to the old; it drives dollars to the new thing.'”
Like the Web 10 years ago, he argued, feeds had reached a tipping point. “You can’t stop this train,” he told them. “Content is going to be syndicated and consumed all over the place. Your job is to figure out how to turn that into an opportunity.”

You can access AdPulp’s FeedBurner managed feed here.

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