FCB Makes Good Use Of The Underscore Key

Adfreak took a look at the new FCB site and did not like the haphazard navigation. I concur, but I’m also wondering if there is an agency anywhere that is willing to build a self-promo site with little or no Flash.
Aside from the design considerations, FCB launched a new term for integrated marketing. They call it “full_contact.”

We develop integrated campaigns that say the right thing at the right time. Beyond TV, print and online, we reach the consumer in their world, which can mean video games, urban murals, third screen, wild postings* and hundres of other media. It’s called full_contact, and it is a genuine commitment to complete engagement with client and consumer.
*In compliance with local laws.

I like full_contact. It sounds like sports and/or sex, two things people are wild about. Not too many people get excited about integrated marketing.

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  1. Yo, David.
    FCB is the agency behind breakthrough work like Coors Love Train and Glade Plug-Ins. Plus, they’re so integrated, they’re negotiating a merger with Draft.
    I suspect the more appropriate term should be bull_contact.

  2. theokie says:

    An interesting, relevant story passed on by someone inside…
    Not long ago, FCB Chicago management asked employees to submit ideas for commercials that would tell the “new FCB” story – they wanted to promote that year’s “new way of working”.
    Total number submitted: four.
    When the CEO and ECD called the Creative Department together to complain about the complete lack of interest, creatives were having none of it. They turned the tables, asking why they should put in the effort when management couldn’t be bothered to write a strategy. Who was the audience? What was the purpose of the advertising? Where were the proof points? The CEO and ECD had no answers and closed the meeting.
    Too often, agency managements trot out “breakthrough approaches” consisting of little more than new websites and brochures. Employees are left to effect measureable change without any real support. As those employees know, there’s little reason to rejoice over this.
    I imagine clients can sniff out the same.

  3. hey, four ideas sounds like a landslide of submissions for a shop like FCB.