Red Bull Points Facebook Fans In The Right Direction

When you first land on Red Bull’s Facebook page, this is what you see:
Naturally, Facebook’s “Like” button is at the top of all these arrows. My guess is most people do what I did and click “Like.”
Note: after you “Like” this page and become a “fan” of Red Bull, you don’t see this appeal any longer.

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  1. I think brands are getting a little ridiculous with Facebook and artificially trying to get people to “Like” their page versus allowing it to grow organically… worst offender so far is The Expendables page which basically requires you to Like the page before you can play a game…so you’re in essence forced to like something before you even try it…blogged about it below..

  2. Zach O. says:

    Sounds like wireless carriers. They work soooo hard to get your contract or to switch. Then when you with the carrier the loyalty program kinda falls on its face. If I could get the great rebates new customers get I would be a much happier, loyal customer.