Fashion Establishment Threatened By Model Who Builds Her Own Brand

Blogger and podcaster, Anina, who also happens to be a top fashion model based in Paris, has been told by Slides to drop the tech stuff or find another agency.

they say that fashion and technology do not go together. they say,that i can not do both things and that i must choose to either be a model, or do the tech stuff. they say i will not find an agency in paris who will accept for me to do the both. and so i have been thinking deeply about what i am to be doing.

Slides was created in January 2000 by Renée Dujac-Cassou, the owner and directrice. The clientele of Slides is the top fashion magazines and photographers and its objective is to represent a select group of young models, with character, who reflect the trends of the moment.
Perhaps someone can contact Slides at 16, rue de la Grange Batelière 75009 Paris (01 42 61 18 08), and mention that a model who blogs perfectly reflects “the trends of the moment.”

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  1. Here is the thing. Anina seems like a really awesome person, and a very talented one too. Unfortunately she may not be cutting it as a ‘Top Fashion Model’ . At this point Anina has convinced her tech people that she is at the epicentre of fashion. Unfortunately she hasn’t been able to convince the fashion world she is at the epicentre of fashion.
    If Anina hopes to have a succesful career as a fashion model and wishes to change the industry, all respect to her. Unfortunately, I do not recall her appearing in any leading fashion magazines, i.e Italian, French, UK, US, and Japanese Vogues, W magazine, Visionaire, Harpers bazzar, POP, Numereo, 10, ID.
    These are the big players of the industry. The Photographers, models, stylists, hair and make up artists. They are the ones who have the influence in the fashion industry whether we like it or not. They are the ones securing the big bucks shooting the major fashion and beauty campaigns. Sure , Anina can change that, as we all love a revolution, but she is not rolling with tastemakers of influence at a level that she claims at. Show me real tangible proof of her credentials. Credentials that will impress people in her ‘fashion’ industry. I dont beleieve if she was being booked for major jobs, her agency would be giving her an ultimatum. If she’s bringing in the bucks, thats the bottom line for her agency. She obviously isn’t cutting it, so maybe she should do what she is actally good at. If Daria Werbery, who is the face of Lancome, Chanel, Prada, Gucci, David Yurman, and gracing covers of all the major mags started doing tech/blog projects, I dont beleive her agent would be giving her an ultimaum. Not with a US$21 million Lancome contract.